Kizzi is here!
Exclusively available in Australia from DanceSole. 

View the 2019 look book by clicking here

More about KIZZI

As artists often inspire one another, award winning Kizzi Dancewear designs are born of close collaboration with choreographers and dancers. Sisters Kim and Liz listen closely to the dance artists who will be wearing their designs--keeping comfort and function top of mind. As they sketch each costume, inspiration is drawn from current runway trends of New York and LA.

Hand selection of the finest performance fabrics for each Kizzi Dancewear garment allows the focus to always be where it should—on the dancer’s athleticism, artistic expression, movement and style. Our designers know that the right fabric and design are key to putting the spotlight on the dancer.

Kizzi has the option for you to "Elevate" your items. If it's not listed in a colour you want, complete the "Elevate" query on the product page.

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