About DanceSole

Dancing is an art, as dancers we should be able to express ourselves without the worry of expensive gear.
DanceSole was started for that exact reason, to help people participate in dance no matter the level and still have the best quality in dance wear, without it costing the world!
My motto is:
"Dancing should be for those rich with passion, not just those rich with money! "
And with that in mind I went on a search, sourcing  beautiful quality dance wear, shoes and costumes, at the lowest price possible.
I am so excited that I can provide this service for everyone from the budding to the prima ballerinas.
The website provides a shop front for items in stock as well as an ordering system to order in bulk. Website membership is free and is available to Studio owners & teachers, it enables exclusive access to the current season Costumes.

And please ask if there is something you are after that you cant find here, I might just be able to find it for you!

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